There are nearly endless options for things you can do for a loved one after their burial in cemeteries in Novato, CA. Most graves require a marker of some kind and as the person in charge, you are going to have to choose a headstone. Here are some tips that can help you through that tough process.

Consider Your Message With Care

Keep in mind that no matter what headstone you choose, the message you etch into the stone is permanent. You are going to want to consider that message with care. Some people keep it simple and just place the person’s name, birth, and death dates on the stone. There’s nothing wrong with that. You might want something more, like ‘loving mother’, ‘best wife’, or ‘wonderful daughter.’ Consider the message with care as it is something that will always be there and you will see it every time you visit, as will others.

Choose The Right Materials

There is a myriad of different stone materials and you will want to think about the look you want along with how the materials hold up against time and the weather conditions in your area. Headstones are out in the weather at all times and they are going to be there for decades. The right materials can help you to keep your loved one’s grave looking nice for longer.

Check The Cemetery Rules

Certain cemeteries might have rules and regulations as to what headstones they accept. You are going to want to know what those rules are upfront so you don’t order a headstone they don’t accept. Some cemeteries want a streamlined, uniform look, so they have headstones all in one material or all in a certain size. Other cemeteries allow just about anything you want. Check the rules before you make any decisions.

Run Ideas By Familycemeteries in Novato, CA

While you might be the person in charge of your loved one’s final services, you are going to want to run the ideas by your family to check and see if they like the details you are considering. Someone might have a suggestion you haven’t thought of or something they really want to see for your loved one that you also end up appreciating. Family is there to help in these instances.

When you are working with cemeteries in Novato, CA on a loved one’s burial process, one thing you will have to do is choose a headstone for them, including size, style, materials, and engraving. The headstone installation might take place before the burial or, depending on one that you want and when you choose it, at a later date. Either way, the headstone is a permanent marker of your loved one’s grave, meant to honor them well into the future. You want to get something they would appreciate and something your family will like seeing every time they come to visit the grave. Take your time looking at the options and keep your budget in mind at the same time.

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