Grief is never easy, but it can feel even harder when it hit around the holidays. Even if you left your loved one safe in the cemeteries in Novato, CA well before the holidays, when that time of the year rolls around, the grief can become fresh and new again. It might be the first time you have had to go through the holidays without that special person present. Here are some tips to help you make it through that time of the year.

Visit The Cemetery To Honor Your Loved One

It’s nice to visit your loved one at the cemetery whenever you are thinking of them. You might make it a new tradition to go around the holidays and take some flowers or a festive wreath. You don’t have to take anything to go there and remember your loved one, though. You can simply go and talk to them and that can make the holidays a bit easier to handle.

Pay Attention To Your Feelings and Needs

You are going to need to pay attention to what you are feeling and what you need as the holiday’s approach and get heavy around you. If you don’t feel like certain parties, don’t host them. If you need time away from groups, that’s okay this year. Listen to what you need and treat yourself with the utmost self-care to give yourself the energy you need to grieve and get through this hard time of the year.

Spend Time With Family

The best thing you can do for yourself is to spend time with your family members. You don’t have to host big parties or anything specific to have them around you. Just invite people to come over, bring food, and have time as a group to remember your loved one and support each other through the hard times. There are going to be times when you feel like being alone, and that’s okay, too. But you don’t want to isolate yourself, so keep family around more often than not.

Start Some New Traditionscemeteries in Novato, CA

There are plenty of traditions in your family and you might want to start a few new ones in light of the new way your family is set up, lacking your loved one who died and all. If they always baked cookies for the bunch, invite family over and try some of their recipes yourself. It can be a way to honor them, start something new, and pick up where they left off. Do what feels right and try different things until you find the right new traditions to carry on.

Go Over The Memories

It’s always nice to go over the good times when your loved one was. Look through some photo books, watch old videos, and swap stories with family members. Looking back over the memories will help you to remember how much good you had with them and how their memories are going to live on through you and the rest of your family, even well after their burial in cemeteries in Novato, CA.

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