Mom is the person who was always there for you. You knew there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you and now that she’s buried in cemeteries in Petaluma, CA you want to do what you can to keep her memory alive and to honor her in ways she would appreciate. Here are a few things you can do for your mom in her final resting place.

Bring Flowers

It’s always nice to bring flowers to a grave when you visit. Keep in mind that some cemeteries have certain rules about that, and you will want to follow that cemetery’s regulations. Some require that there be a vase attached to the headstone for flowers. If you know you’ll be taking flowers often, you will want to have that attachment so you can leave the flowers there when you want. Others might have certain days where you lay flowers on graves and then there are cemeteries that let you do whatever you’d like.

Have Lunch At Her Grave

Having lunch with your mom might have been something you did regularly and you can still do so. Pack a lunch and take it to her grave to honor her with that tradition. You can catch her up on what’s happening with the family and partake in your lunch break at the same time. Be sure to take out anything you bring in and don’t leave any trash behind.

Visit The Grave And Then Do Something She Loved

There are certain things that your mom loved doing and now that she’s gone, you might want to pick up where she left off on some of those things to honor her. Visit her grave and let her know that today, you are volunteering at the animal shelter like she always used to. Work on knitting some scarves at home and when you visit the grave, let her know that you learned to knit so you could provide the kids in the family with something homemade this year, just as she always did.

Bring Other Family With Youcemeteries in Novato, CA

Visiting the grave on your own is always nice, but bringing a family member with you can honor her even more. Bring your children, grandchildren, cousins, or someone else in the family to remember her with you. You can tell a few stories about her to one another while you are there.

Write A Letter While There

Take some stationery with you when you visit the grave and you can write your mom a letter while you are there. Let her know how much you miss her and that you are thankful to have had a mom like her during your childhood and even into your adulthood. The letter can be honoring to her and it’s a cathartic thing for you to do as well.

When you visit cemeteries in Petaluma, CA in the future to honor your mom’s final resting place, there are plenty of things you can do to move forward in those ways.

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