If you are trying to honor someone that has passed away, one of the most traditional things you can do is send flowers to the family to decorate their services. Many people send flowers to the funeral home, and that’s a good way to go. But the cemeteries in Novato, CA might also be a part of the service, and it might be nice to send flowers there as well. You can send a wreath, a casket spray, or even an arrangement on the stand that can be placed next to the casket. Here are some details to understand.

Find Out If The Family Wants Flowers

You are going to want to check with the family to see if they are accepting flowers in the first place. Most families do and it’s a nice gesture, but if for some reason the family doesn’t want flowers like perhaps they would prefer for the money to go to a charity, you should respect and honor those wishes.

Search For A Reputable Florist

If the family does accept flowers for the funeral and burial service, you will want to find a florist that works with funerals. Tell them that you are sending the flowers to the cemetery and ask what options work well for that purpose. You can work with flowers that have certain messages and can stand up at the service, on the dirt. And it’s a good idea to let the florist know what your budget is.

Find Flowers With Meaning

Every flower has a meaning behind it and different flower types can also vary based on the color. Ask the florist what the flowers mean or tell them what message you want to convey and they can help you find flowers that suit that message. The colors are also going to be meaningful. You can get flowers that are colored based on the season, what the person would have liked, or what that color means.

Have A Budget In Mindcemeteries in Novato, CA

Before you enter the flower shop, have an idea of how much you want to spend. Arrangements can be expensive if you go big and bold, so figure out how much you want to spend and that can help you, and the florist, figure out what directions to take.

Allow For The Right Delivery Time

The family is going to be at the cemetery for a limited time, and you want the flowers to be there for them during that graveside service. Work with the florist, and also the cemetery, to ensure the flowers are delivered and set up earlier in the day so they are ready for your loved one and their family at the right time.

When you work with cemeteries in Novato, CA to arrange your floral delivery, you can ensure that the family will enjoy the beautiful decorations and understand you are honoring their loved ones and supporting them at the same time. Contact them with any questions you have in mind as you move forward.

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