When someone you love passes on, you are going to have a lot of decisions to make to take care of their needs. Some of those decisions might take place around the cemeteries in Santa Rosa, CA. None of the choices are going to be easy, but you want to do right by your loved one. Here are some of the cemetery choices you are going to have to make if you are going for a burial after a funeral or cremation.

Which Plot To Buy

If you are going to bury your loved one, the most important decision you have to make is which plot you are going to buy. You can get them a full plot for a traditional burial, or a much smaller cremation plot for an urn. Check the prices and the locations. The cemetery will likely have a map available for you to look over and you can also walk around and see the plots in person to see which one will suit your loved one and your family the best.

What Headstone Details To Include

You are going to want to get a headstone for your loved one to mark their grave. You can choose between a variety of sizes and materials, depending on what the cemetery allows. Then, you can decide what to have engraved on the stone. Most people place their loved one’s name, birth, and death dates. They might also include a phrase, a picture, or other such things, depending on their budget and what they want for that person.

Which Casket To Use

Your loved one will need a casket for a traditional burial and funeral service, but if you go with cremation, you will only need an urn. Both are available in different materials and styles. You will also need to know which size you need, and which the funeral home and cremation providers can help you with. You might decide based on their tastes, the budget you have available to you, what is ready for your use, or other such things.

What Maintenance Package To Buycemeteries in Santa Rosa, CA

Some cemeteries have maintenance packages available and you might want to buy one to ensure your loved one’s plot is well cared for. You might pay a flat fee for care, or you might pay over time. There are some cemeteries that allow you to maintain the grave on your own as well. Look into the options and take great care of what you feel would be the best fit for you.

What Kind Of Graveside Service To Have

Many families like to say goodbye to their loved ones and see that final resting place. You might want to have a graveside service after a memorial or funeral. Or perhaps a direct burial service is a good thing to do for your family.

When you have other questions about cemeteries in Santa Rosa, CA, the professionals are there to answer them and give you whatever you need to move forward with services.

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