In life’s more reflective moments, the thought of cemeteries becomes impossible to ignore, where these resting places are integral parts of the community. Whether we’re grappling with a loved one’s recent departure or planning our own arrangements, understanding cemetery offerings is essential. So, let’s delve into explaining your choices regarding the standard offerings at cemeteries in Novato, CA.

Types of Interment Options

Typically, graveyards offer three main standard types of interment choices: burial plots, mausoleums, and columbaria. Each option is different — catering to various personal, religious, or financial needs, providing an array of choices for the final resting place.

Burial Plots

Burial plots often evoke the most traditional image of a cemetery — serene gardens, studded with headstones. These terrestrial interments could range from single to double-depth options, suitable for varying family and financial arrangements. A single plot holds one casket, while double-depth plots accommodate two stacked caskets. Burial plot costs generally vary, greatly dependent on the plot’s size, location, and whether it’s in a private or public cemetery.


Mausoleums appeal to those seeking a differentiated commemorative environment. Its enclosed, above-ground entombments offer the sense of an intimate, personal sanctuary. Usually built of concrete, granite, or marble, these crypts can be for a single person, companion (two people), or an entire family. Mausoleums are gaining popularity due to their resistance to land limitations, and they often provide enclosed visitation facilities, offering privacy and solitude to mourners.


In response to changing preferences, many cemeteries have added columbaria. As cremation has become more prevalent, columbaria — buildings or structures with small niches to hold urns — have evolved as a peaceful, communal space for remembrance. They are often less expensive than traditional burial plots and mausoleums, making them a practical option for many families.

Memorialization Options

Memorialization services differ per cemetery. They can range from upright monuments, flat grave markers, to bronze grave markers. Some progressive services even offer digital memorialization — QR codes installed on the tombstone that when scanned, leads to an online memorial with more extensive details and tributes to the deceased.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments, also known as gravestones or tombstones, are enduring tributes carved from durable materials like granite or marble. They come in various shapes and sizes — from simple, modest designs to elaborate, custom-carved creations.

Flat Grave Markers

Flat markers or flush markers lay flush to the ground, providing a subtle yet elegant memorial. While not as eye-catching as upright monuments, their understated profiles adhere to many cemetery regulations.

Bronze Grave Markerscemeteries in Novato, CA

Bronze, with its timeless aesthetic and durability, often adorns grave markers. In addition to standalone markers, bronze is also added to stone bases for a distinguished look.

Additional Services

Beyond the general interment options and memorialization services, cemeteries in Novato, CA often offer a wide range of additional services. Notable amongst these are grave maintenance, monument cleaning, floral arrangements, testamentary services, and even genealogy resources. These services, often underestimated, can significantly simplify the maintenance process and add a personal touch to your chosen memorialization method.

At Cypress Hill Memorial Park, we understand this and strive to provide clear, comprehensive information about our offerings. We stand ready to assist you in navigating these choices, aiding you in the process of demonstrating a lasting tribute to those who have significantly impacted our lives. No matter your preference or needs, our dedicated team ensures a respectful, dignified commemoration that mirrors the unique life it pays tribute to. So remember, when navigating the often complex spectrum of cemetery offerings, Cypress Hill Memorial Park is here to guide you.

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